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Lemania 60x60cm

Lemania 60x60cm

60 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas, mixed technique.


    Fabienne RUEFLI, born in Belgium in 1966, has lived in the canton of Vaud since 1994.

    His love for abstract painting and art in general dates back twenty years.

    Regularly browsing exhibitions, museums, fairs, ... she immersed herself in it and launched herself as an autodidact into acrylic painting.

    Desiring to evolve freely in this expression, she voluntarily stayed away from any teaching. She lets herself be carried away by what she feels when creating.

    The work, often square, is born during the very process of its development.

    His painting is based on games of colors, games of shapes, it is often rhythmic, it suggests, rests or attacks, everyone is free to see what he likes, what touches him, what speaks to him the most. .

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