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Hand holding hand-2

Hand holding hand-2

Acrylic, aerosol, pastel, charcoal and marker on Fabriano 400 g / m² paper
Original, unique work, signed and framed under glass
50 x 70 cm, 2019
PRICE 650.-


    Art is life, remixed and without rules. When my inner self emerges to meet the outside world, anything is possible and the vagueness of dreams takes shape and becomes palpable. I experience the harmony of contrasts. The ingredients come from everywhere and combine with each other with joy and daring, awareness and absurdity. Thoughts transform into silent music that guides my hands. When I write something, I close my eyes.

    I like to compare myself to a mill. The mill takes energy from wind or water, transforms matter, provides something new and at the same time releases the essence of what already exists. My work reflects the organic energy that surrounds us and binds us together. I'm just relaying it.

    I mainly work with acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, pastels, charcoal and pencils. I use different rubber or steel spatulas (including some DIY), brushes, stencils created by myself, adhesive tapes, cords and a bit of everything I can get my hands on.

    Michele lysek

    Michele is a self-taught artist born in Ticino. After studying and working in Paris for a few years, he lives and works in Villeneuve in French-speaking Switzerland.

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