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Dorotty Vacu & Voarosliget Budapest

Dorotty Vacu & Voarosliget Budapest

No 1363

100 x 100 cm

Resin, mortar, sand, acrylic on wood


Price: 4000 CHF

  • COLLECTION: Sidewalks


    Nicolas Noverraz , Swiss artist born in 1969, graduated from the Ralph Fink school and from the geography faculty of the University of Geneva. Independent visual artist, he has participated in more than a hundred exhibitions from 1995 to date mainly in Switzerland but also in Paris, Barcelona, Germany and at the "London Contemporary Art" -London. Artist member of the nufnuf-art foundation. He is described as "painter and poet of urbanity". Refusing to sink into a heavy criticism of the consumer world, Nicolas Noverraz prefers to give us winks to encourage us to shift our gaze.

    - He invents the concept of "Art Pollution" which consists for example in fixing a canvas against the wall of a parking lot, after a few months, the exhaust gas emissions will have left their mark, in an almost aesthetic way, on the Web. The result is surprising, this seemingly harmless approach prompts a deep reflection on the ecological question (what do we reject in nature?) And the artistic debate on the beautiful and the ugly.

    - He created the concept of canvas in the shape of oil drums. A way of questioning the galloping rise in the price of a barrel, without necessarily being a claimant.

    - Nicolas Noverraz likes to paint materials, machines, details like the hyperrealists. But unlike them, he does not focus on the shiny, the brand new but seeks to capture the poetry of the gutter and highlights what is old, dirty. He seeks to "make the beautiful with the ugly". For him, the role of the artist is more to look at our system to point out its deviations.

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