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40 x 40 cm

Ink on wood



Ink on wood

Prix / Price: 1300 CHF


    Sabrina was born in 1984 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Very young, she was passionate about the world of fashion, and started as a stylist. In 2013, she started a graphic design training which allowed her to develop other technical and artistic skills. In 2015, she decided to devote herself fully to her art and marked the beginning of her professional artistic activities with the opening of her painting workshop.

    Sabrina's favorite subjects are mainly women and fashion. His colorful and contrasting compositions, influenced by pop art and street art, reflect the traits of his character.

    She makes her paintings in acrylic and likes to texturize the material to make them come alive. She works on sets of lighting and light with which she is in perpetual experimentation.

    Sabrina Amigoni's work is directed by two major axes that can be found in each of her works. On the one hand the strong and powerful character of the subject, on the other a magical and imaginary dimension.

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